FLEX_SHEETS_UL_3 - Super Fine 3000 Grit Latex Self Adhesive Sanding Sheets (3 Pack)

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Easily sand away faded headlight plastic, bird poop etch marks, deep defects, scratches, and water spots with the peel-and-stick latex Hyper Flex Water Sanding Sheets!

Why This is Great:
  • Ultra-light cut 3500 grit wet sanding sheets
  • Self-adhesive peel and stick system perfect for use with Chemical Guys Easy Grip Sanding Blocks
  • Refines the sanding marks from 2500 grit wet sanding sheets for reduced polishing time and deeper glossy shine
  • Cuts away orange peel, deep scratches, swirl marks, and bird poop etch marks to restore perfect clarity and shine to paintwork
  • Gently removes oxidized plastic to restore headlights to crystal-clarity
  • Synthetic latex sheets are more flexible than traditional paper sandpaper
  • Particle abrasives are securely embedded into the latex sheet, which reduces galling and uneven sanding caused by loose abrasives
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